Bamboo Fever!

Hello, welcome to my trials and tribulations as a new bamboo rod maker.
You may be asking yourself who is this guy and how did he get into trying
to make bamboo fly rods of all things?

Well it all started with my other hobby, MX racing!

How does that lead into making bamboo rods? Well, as you can imagine I got
hurt racing one day and had to have shoulder surgery. But I had about 6 weeks
before the surgery was going to take place. So I took up fly fishing! I ordered
a Cabela's graphite rod and started fishing. Boy, I got hooked big time!
Then came the shoulder surgery, no fishing for 6-8 weeks, YIKES!!, what to do?
Why, read about fly fishing of course! So I picked up a few books.

Notice the one on the right! Anyway, I got to reading and reading and heard about
bamboo rods. One day I figured I should try one out, so I went and bought one.
AJ Thramer Classic Series, Garrison 204E, 7'3" 2/2 3/4w. Pretty Sweet!

Naturally, I get to thinking, I could make one of these things, I wonder how you do it?
Luckily, I found some help in the form of Wayne Cattanach!

What next? Hmmm, I wonder what it is?
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Suggestions or Comments?!

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